Postdoctoral Degree

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 1. Purpose of the Postdoctoral Course

Postgraduate level stricto sensu in follow-up to the doctorate held under the supervision of a researcher with experience and competence demonstrated in the leadership of research projects and that has quality, regularity and prominence of scientific and technological production in the area.

It aims to train researchers capable of developing research to generate, expand, consolidate and disseminate the scientific knowledge of Nursing and Health; contribute to the formation of new researchers; and strengthen the performance of research groups.

 2. Target audience

Nurses, other health professionals and the public in general, with a doctoral degree in recognized higher education institutions.

 3. Obtaining title

To obtain the post-doctoral degree in Sciences, the post-graduate must meet the following requirements:

3.1. Regularly enrolled in PPGEn;

3.2. Report of research approved and approved by CEPG and CPG / EPE;

3.3. Proof of forwarding the publication of the results of the Survey in a journal indexed in Nursing databases or equivalent.

 4. Scholarship

The Academic Graduate Programs offered by the Federal University of São Paulo are free and the availability of grants for subsistence depends on development agencies.

Student must be regularly enrolled and be eligible for the Capes criteria (Access HERE)

Subject to bag availability.

Necessary documents

4.1. Craft Solicitation Office

4.2. Research project;

4.3. Curriculum Lattes of the last 5 years;

4.4. Declaration;

4.5. Work plan.

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