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Research Line: Nursing and Health Care

It includes research aimed at the study of the care of individuals and groups, their problems and their health needs. They derive from questions identified in clinical practice and in the search for answers and test of interventions that solve such questions, through the application of inductive, deductive and instrumental techniques of investigation. It also encompasses research related to the analysis of the effects of nursing actions and interventions on clinical outcomes and on human responses to the health-disease process. This line has as research field:

  • Clinical Care in the Life Cycle
    It includes studies on nursing care understood as a set of attitudes and actions based on systematized knowledge and use of technologies for the purpose of promoting and providing nursing care focused on the individual and integral needs of the patient and family in order to know, favor, maintain or improve the health condition, promoting the relief of suffering and human dignity in the life cycle.

Research Line: Clinical Care in Nursing and Public Health

It includes research that has the object of health research as a social phenomenon of public interest, through the dialogue between the human and health sciences and which are directed to the care given to individuals in social groups, in the dimension of the field of knowledge and practices of the collective health. It understands health as a social phenomenon, of public interest, in which there is indissociability between the clinic, epidemiology and the human and social sciences. This line has as research fields:

  • Determinants of the health-disease process
    It has the epistemological assumption to work with population segments using socioeconomic, biological, environmental and clinical determinants relating them to the health-disease-care process. It develops epidemiological studies that support the evaluation of health promotion measures, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and diseases, in order to know the population and to recognize measures, indicators and actions of health surveillance, contributing to public and social policies.
  • Social and Human Sciences Applied to Health and Nursing
    It uses theories of the human and social sciences to understand phenomena related to human subjectivity and / or social relations, considering the symbolic and imaginary aspects of human diversity and identity, citizenship and social inclusion / exclusion, health-disease-care and their interpretations. It rescues classic thinkers by reflecting on the production of contemporary knowledge, its trends and objects.
  • Care in the context of health promotion - It includes studies related to human care provided to individuals in social groups, in different health, social and educational equipment, with emphasis on health promotion. This care is understood as a form of expression and relationship with the other, in the perspective of respect for people, the world and living with dignity.

Research Line: Management, Management and Education in Nursing and Health

It develops studies that use theories, processes and instruments of the administration in the management of health and nursing services, management of resources for the rendering of assistance, evaluation of services. It also covers research on nursing and health education and nursing work processes. This line has as research fields:

  • Management and Management of Health Services and Nursing
    It includes studies based on the history, theories, concepts and management tools applied to service management, resource management, nursing work processes and the evaluation of services and accreditation models.
  • Policies, Practices and Technology of Education in Health and Nursing
    It encompasses studies whose object of research contemplates the interface between health and education, both in educational practices aimed at health promotion, as well as those related to policies and the process of professional training in health and nursing, also encompassing the permanent education and use of technologies.

Research Line: Fundamentals, Methods, Processes and Technologies in Nursing and Health

It includes studies on the philosophical foundations, theories and concepts that guide the different dimensions of nursing care; the development and use of methods, processes and technologies for the implementation of nursing care in the health / illness process in the life cycle, both individually and collectively. This line has as research fields:

  • Care Process in Nursing - Studies on the construction and validation of conceptual models and theories concerning health and nursing, operationalization of the care process and the development and use of methods, instruments and technology for the implementation of nursing care.
  • Informatics, Information Technology and Communication in Health and Nursing
    Studies on theories, principles and processes of production and development of information and communication systems in teaching, assistance, research and management in health and nursing.

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